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Hear what Joe Praize told his wife Joana in the early morning of Saturday 17.06.17

It was really glorious on the 17/06/17 in Joe Praize's wedding.

With Pastor Chris and Rev Tom present in the wedding, that is grace working.

The Grooms men were the likes of Frank Edwards, Steve Crown, etc

This one na wedding of the week, in fact of the month.

Congratulation Joe Praize and Joana.

God Bless your union together. For one shall chase a thousand, two ten thousand.


Joe Praize:           Angel

Joana: yes baby

Joe Praize:           Angel

Joana:  yes ma love

Joe Praize: you know I love you, right?

Joana: I knowwwwwwwwwww

Joe Praize: Today is our big day, right?

Joana: yes sweety

Joe Praize: and we are excited, right?

Joana: yes I ammmmm

Joe Praize: is gonno be great

Joana: yeaaaa

Joe Praize: is gonno be wonderful

Joana: yesoooooo

Joe Praize: this is the day God promised us

Joana: yes

Joe Praize: and when we were praying He said He is going to honour us today, right?

Joana: yes

Joe Praize: so, we have been honoured

Joana: yes sir

Joe Praize: by the Spirit

Joana: yes sir

Joe Praize: so, I will be so waiting to see you look so beautiful today

Joana: aaahhhhhhhreli

Joe Praize: ok

Joana: don’t cry oooo, don’t cry today

Joe Praize: No, I am not going to cry, it will be tears of Joy if I do cry

Joana: yes

Joe Praize: I love you baby, see you later

Joana: I love you too, yea


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