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Mr Richie Rich! 3 Things That Will Make You Rich

Mr Richie Rich! 3 Things That Will Make You Rich
Hello Young people! these thoughts will make you Mr Richie Rich! in programming yourself for a great life, consider these three things. They'd make you rich. So here we go-
Opportunities always come in disguise this why there are few rich men in the world because not many recognize opportunity when it comes. Opportunities come as work; they often require action or effort and since most people don't like to work, they miss opportunity.

When a lazy man is given work, he sees it as oppression meanwhile that's his opportunity. Work is a challenge to innovate, to harness and put to work all your learning and potential, to display your uniqueness and consequently attract the attention of forces that can promote you but lazy people don't know this!

'The diligent find freedom in their work; the lazy are oppressed by work'. (PRO 12:24 TLB).
'Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and become a slave'.(PR…

Naija boys and girls nor go kill me with laff

• U dey carry ur girlfriend go club; after u marry her finish u wan stop her frm goin to club. My broda u think say miracle fit happen? • Ur girlfriend dump u for rich man u say she b gold digger, bt ur sister do d same to anoda perso u giv testimony for Church
say, na grace of God. Bros park well!! • Your babe get F9 parallel for WAEC, she still dey ask for Brazilian Hair of #150,000 . Abeg where she wan fix am?,
on top that coconut head? • U have 8 tribal marks, stretch marks scattered all ova ur body yet u still want a tattoo...ah! my friend; u be zebra?!! • U are 6 feet tall, u still com wear 6 inches high heeled shoe... shey u wan whisper to God? • U dey snap inside different type of cars yet u expect ur man to believe say u no cheat. .aunty, u be mechanic? • U gather different gals picture for ur fone & yet u xpect ur gal to believe say u no cheat.. uncle, u be photographer? • He give u engagement ring for over five years, he never marry u, my dear, u be lord of d rings? •…
My life has been a glorious testimony to many. I live and reign with Christ.

In him I live, move and have my being.

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